Paula Bernasor

A nurse by profession, an international beauty queen by accident but a sea turtle at heart.

After surviving the Ormoc Tragedy of 1991, one of the worst floods in the Philippines, growing up financially challenged and being bullying during her childhood, she realized that she cannot stay as a victim. The realization prompted her to go on a journey towards self-improvement, she moved to Manila on her own to learn the ropes in business where she discovered her affinity for marketing.

She is currently based in Cebu City, where she is currently working for A SPACE Cebu as Spatial Sherpa.

Her aim is to help carry out positive social change that would allow the youth and fellow travelers act against social injustices and protect the environment. A pragmatic dreamer who sees each day is an opportunity to educate, empower and change for the greater good. She contributes in increasing public interest about the  different causes such as gender equality, youth empowerment and environmental conservation.

From January-June 2015, she left her Makati life and volunteered for Fundlife International where she acted as project assistant. She helped in the cultivation of potential among Typhoon Haiyan child survivors and expansion of partnership with other organisations. She also worked temporarily for Rare, an international NGO focused on marine conservation through efficient and effective fisheries management.

Miss SCUBA Philippines 2013 from Paula Bernasor on Vimeo.

As a passionate SDI Advanced Adventure Diver, she represented the Philippines during the  Miss Scuba International 2013 pageant in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia on Dec. 20 where she placed 1st runner-up.

During days off, you can find her exploring the offbeat roads of unpopular destinations, helping organisations make the world a better place or prowling across the worldwide web in search for new recipes, unique adventures and good reads.

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